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Employment Advice

For many, our work-a-day lives often go without a hitch and most issues are carried out to satisfaction in the workplace. There are times, though, when you may feel that you need extra help and advice with problems at work where you feel that your employer has not kept their word and acted to the letter of the law with regards your contract of employment with them.

The Employment Services team at Wise Solicitors will offer you no-obligation, legal advice with a fixed-fee solution to your problem or query. Your unique circumstances will be assessed and your position will be highlighted and a road map of stepping stones will be created to assure you of appropriate responses as the case moves forward.

Most employers aim to offer best practice, yet, on occasion best plans fail to work for all concerned and, it may be appropriate to move towards a compromise agreement which will potentially allow you to re-integrate into the workforce or, suggest a new start with another employer.

Extreme circumstances make the option of Employment Tribunal the only one to take and in these situations, you will need the full support of a legal team that keeps you firmly in the picture as costs can escalate out of your control.

Whichever choice you choose to make, Wise Solicitors guarantee that you retain control of your legal costs throughout. They keep their charges schedule transparent and you have the right to confirm legal interventions before they go ahead.

As with all of our personal and confidential services, you will have peace of mind and know that we are working in your best interests with a cost framework that is both reliable and achievable.